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Non Destructive Entry (NDE) Whats This ?

Added at 20:18 on 08 July 2023

Some training centres advertise that they only train non destructive entry so whats this ? Non destructive entry means gaining entry to locks without the need to damage them by drilling etc and so their is a focus during the course on picking locks. These courses are intended for those who wish to make a living as warrant locksmiths were you will be opening doors on behalf of warrant officers or court enforcement officers who work with utility companies in recovering unpaid bills and there is a requirment for you to be opening locks so that you dont have to replace them.

We teach both non destructive and destructive entry techniques and the reasons for this is that as general locksmiths we tend to be dealing with failed locks and as such you will need to know destructive entry techniques because picking the lock will not work.

As general locksmiths our need to pick locks accounts for less than 10 per cent of our work and these are the reasons why. The emergency lock out situation means that a customer does not have their keys with them so they have either left keys inside their property or lost keys.

If a customer has left their keys in their property then its likely that the door will not be locked fully and we should be able to use techniques that bypass the locks to open the doors. Then if a customer has lost keys then you will be replacing the locks so picking them might not be the quickest way to open them it could be quicker to drill the locks.

You need to remember that even if you just concentrate on non destructive techniques eg picking that after your training you will not be able to pick every lock on the planet in fact until you build up your skills you will be lucky to be able to pick 40-50% of the locks you come across.

The warrants locksmiths suffered during the lockdown because they had no work and further to this in 2022 the service of utility warrants was stopped and so once again warrant locksmiths who did not build up the general locksmith side of their business also lost work I know this to be correct.

We always recommend you build up your own business and this takes time. Locksmithing is not a get rich scheme but if you practice, listen to others who have been trading for a number of years and join as many locksmith groups as you can for the mentorship and work hard at your marketing and advertising then this business could work for you.