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Locksmith Courses Which One To Choose

When looking for Locksmith Training Courses you will have number of choices in regards to which training provider to use, so which one for you ? Unfortunately theres not a straight answer to this question, I dont know about or have I done training with other training providers except one so Im unable to say which Locksmith Course you should choose however I do suggest you do the following.

In order to help you choose which provider you should use for your Locksmith Course In Merseyside we suggest you do what I didnt do over 12 years ago and also ask the following questions.

  • Write down a list of questions before contacting Locksmith Training Course Providers and start by making a list of numbers and addresses.
  • First and foremost you must decide if you want to be a warrant locksmith or a general locksmith whats the difference ? Well the majority of work for a warrant locksmith is sub-contracting work from a company who provides locksmiths to Debt Collection Companies and your job will be on the authority of a warrant officer (Commonly known as Bailiffs) to open locked doors for Utility Engineers to change either gas or electric meters. There is a requirement to be able to open these locks non destructively by picking or other methods whereas a General Locksmith mainly deals with failed locks and replacing locks, in fact opening a locked door for someone who is locked out only accounts for less than 10 percent of this locksmiths work meaning that you neeed to know how to open locks using both non destructive and destructive methods.
  • Is the Locksmith Trainer a trading locksmith and how long have they been trading ? Many Locksmith Training course providers are not trading locksmiths they merely provide locksmith training. A lot of these providers a very good at training but are they going to be able to help  and support you with your business if they are not trading themselves.
  • Does the Locksmith Training Course provider offer the chance to go out on live jobs with a locksmith tutor ? This provides learners with a chance to see the theory and practice in a workshop put to the test in the real world.
  • Does the Locksmith Training Course provider offer support after the course ? many do but dont practice what they preach.

At Lockkeys Training we offer learners the chance to visit and speak to our qualified tutors/assessors before you make a decision whether we are the right training provider for you. Remember this training is about you, its important that you get it right first time and if you do it will last you a lifetime.

If you would like to arrange a visit with our tutor/assessors then call 07961 794914 and speak to Pam or Derek to make your appointment.