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Lockkeys Training

Lock Bumping Course

Lock bumping is a lock picking technique for opening a pin cylinder lock using a specially crafted bump key, its one of the easiest and quickest ways of learning how to effectively open locks non-destructively and is ideal for locksmiths wanting to do warrants. 

Our one day Lock Bumping Training Course covers everything you need to know about lock bumping and bump keys its a practical hands on course with a maximum 2 learners per course.

Our Lock Bumping Training Course Covers the following subjects:

  • How & Why Lock Bumping Works
  • How to choose and set up your bump keys
  • How to make your own bump keys
  • Plenty of lock bumping, including locks in doors

Depending on your own skill levels by the end of our one day Lock Bumping Training Course you should be able to open standard euro cylinders and some British Standard and 1 Star rated locks.

Our Lock Bumping Training Course is provided by Jim Evans who as a Warrants Locksmith for 5 years was bumping locks on a daily basis. Jim is also a Qualified Teacher, Assessor and Internal Qualifications Assesor so you will be recieving training from a qualified professional in groups of no more than two people.

Lock Bumping Training Course Price

The full day Lock Bumping Training Course is only £185 per person no equipment is required although if you have some bump keys of your own that you wanted to use then this would be okay.

Our Lock Bumping Training Course is carried out every week within our workshop situated inside The Storage Team, Lea Green Business Park, St Helens, Merseyside for further details or to arrange a booking please contact tutor Jim Evans direct on: 07798 661732