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Easy Guide To Anti-Snap Locks

Added at 17:57 on 28 July 2023

A lot of new locksmiths get a little confused about anti snap locks especially when explaining the difference to customers so heres a simple guide and its is a basic explanation of the differences. What you need to know is that although some lock manufacturers describe locks as anti snap or snap resistant the only lock that is designed and manufactured is the 3 Star Euro Cylinder (one is pictured above) and of the 3 star euro cylinders its the diamond grade euro which is the highest standard. The aim of new build houses to design out crime is to put 3 stars on the door and this can be a combination of a one star lock and two star handles making 3 stars or a 3 star euro cylinder (note there is no 2 star euro cylinder). I hope this simple explanation provides enough detail for you to make a informed decision when quoting for anti snap locks for customers.