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Why Spend So Much Time On Upvc Doors ?

Added at 08:39 on 03 March 2024

Upvc Doors Why Spend So Much Time Training On Them ?

Did you know that over 70 per cent of all doors in the UK are of a Upvc type ? this is why during our training you will spend a lot of time learning about these doors and their respective locks. How to open euro cylinders, how to bypass the euro cylinder, how to open the multipoint lock when its failed, how to identify and replace a multipoint lock including those which are now obsolete, how to replace upvc door handles.

For the majority of the time in general locksmithing we are dealing with these types of doors and so learner locksmiths need to know about them and how to ipen and replace their respective locks. With Lockkeys Locksmith Training you also have the opportunity to come out with us on live jobs and see what its like outside of the workshop in the real world of locksmithing.