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How To Start A Locksmith Business In The UK

Added at 22:25 on 15 June 2023

Becoming a locksmith and starting a locksmith business is very easy in the UK however succeeding as a locksmith business is not, and this is because you are not re-inventing the wheel and no doubt there is already locksmiths trading in your area that you will have to compete with for work.

So if you have done your research and your positive in starting a locksmith business then I would suggest you do the following.

Choose a locksmith training course, there is plenty available all over the UK but because there is no regulation or licensing of locksmiths in the UK at present anyone can call themselves a locksmith and anyone can provide locksmith training.

So phone around, go and visit the training centres/workshops ask how many people will be on the course becuase you would expect to learn more on a one to one course than a course with multiple learners. Ask about the trainers back ground for example are they still trading locksmiths or just locksmith trainers. Why is this important ? simply because someone who is not a trading locksmith will not be the best person to advise you on how to run a locksmith business.

Also ask the training centre about what after course support they offer, as some promise a lot but provide very little. The after course support is very important when coming across jobs you havent done beore or a job isnt going just right.

Once youve decided on a training course and set the date to start, then look at the name for your business and decide whether your going to be a sole trader or a limited company, there is plenty of information available online about the differences between the two.

Spend plenty of time online researching websites, social media marketing etc because you are going to need to get your name around in order to get the work and finally all the very best in your chosen career, its a very good job but you need to work hard at it to be successful.