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Lockkeys Training

Welcome To Lockkeys Training


At Lockkeys Training we aim to provide our customers with the best possible one to one training courses and our four main aims of our Locksmith training courses are : 

  • Enable a person to trade as a locksmith directly after our one to one locksmith training.
  • Provide mentorship and after course support for as long is required. 
  • Provide introductions to lock and tool distributors so that you can purchase tools and locks after finsihing your course. 
  • The training is all about your learning so we will go at a pace to suit the individual and you will get the chance to go out on live locksmith jobs as and when they arise.

All our Locksmith Training Courses are provided by suitably qualified and experienced Locksmith professionals and as a Highfield Qualifications Approved Centre we are subject to both internal and external quality assurance for any qualifications awarded by them.

We are constantly adding to our range of courses and at the moment we offer the following training courses:

  • 10 day Highfield Qualifications Level 3 Diploma For Commercial Locksmiths and Property Security (This is a Ofqual Regulated Course) suitable for learners who have little or no previous knowledge of locksmithing. (Price £1750.00)
  • 5 Day One To One Locksmith Training Course (Internallly Certificated) Suitable for learners having no previous knowledge of locksmithing. (Price £950)
  • Part Time 5 Day Locksmith Training Course (Enabling learners to study whilst still working) £1000
  • 2 day Locksmith Training Course for Maintenance Staff (Price £400)
  • 1 Day Lock Bumping Course (Price £195)

Lockkeys Locksmith Services started trading in 2009 and started the training centre in 2019 when we began to offer locksmith courses for those wishing to become locksmiths with the aim of reducing the amount of learners failing in their chosen field due to lack of purposeful, quality training and mentorship.

After becoming a Highfield Qualifications Approved Training Centre, we began to offer a more variety of courses that we were qualified and experienced to teach, with the intention of providing quality courses for all those training with us.

All our Locksmith training courses are taught by Qualified, Professional and Experienced Tutors and our aim is to provide the best possible courses for all our learners.

Lockkeys Locksmith Training - Our Steps To Success

At Lockkeys Locksmith Training we always advise learners to visit us before making any decisions as to which training centre they choose. This is so you can get a very good idea of what the locksmith business is about and decide whether its for you or not.

Locksmithing is not all about picking locks in fact the requirement for us to pick locks accounts for less than 10 percent of our work (please bear this in mind when choosing a course). Most training centres will offer similar types of course content so make sure you know exactly what you will be getting before choosing for example a 4 day course from 9-5 with an hours lunch and two 15 minute tea breaks means you will be getting 6.5 hours training whereas our Locksmith Training courses run from 0800-1800.

Ask how many tutors per learner there will be on the locksmith training course. We have a maximum of two learners on our courses this ensures that learners get personal attention and of course during our Locksmith training courses learners have the opportunity to go out on live locksmith jobs with the trainer/assesor.

The method of instruction is important, we use different methods of training to ensure better learning and our tutor/assessors are educationally qualified in their roles and although we teach theory locksmithing is all about doing so their is plenty of practice to ensure learners understand what they have been taught.

After your locksmith training course its important to practice, practice,practice as this is the way that you will become more experienced and skilled, however when you finish training with us you will have the direct numbers of our tutor/assesors access to locksmiths whatsapp groups so you will be able to ask for advice for as long as you need it, which will be required at some point.